Sony Removes PlayStation 4 Communities: A Disappointing Decision.

Why Were Communities Removed From Playstation 4?

The PlayStation Community feature has been axed by Sony for the PS4. The move comes as part of an update that includes some quality-of-life features.

Communities allowed gamers to bond over a shared interest in games and form parties, share screenshots, and chat. Sony announced that the service will be discontinued in April.

It’s a waste of time

PlayStation users have received an email informing them that Communities, the feature that allows gamers to find groups based on their interests, will be removed from their consoles in April. The writing had been on the wall for Communities since last year when Sony axed a Communities mobile app and then rolled out its new all-in-one PlayStation app with the PS5 launch.

The PlayStation community isn’t happy with this decision, but there are plenty of reasons for Sony to shut it down. While it’s easy to blame the shift to apps, it seems more likely that Sony is just shifting its focus to the newest console.

The PS5 offers a number of social features, including group messaging and Game Base, which serves some of the same functions as Communities. While we don’t know if Sony will bring Communities back, it’s clear that it has bigger plans for the future of the console. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

It’s not needed

Whether you’re a longtime PlayStation fan or just starting out, communities are an excellent way to meet gamers who share your interests and enjoy the same games. Unfortunately, Sony is removing this feature from its consoles. The upcoming 8.50 system update will remove the Communities app and make it impossible to create a community or join one.

While Sony removed the Communities app from iOS and Android devices last year, it kept Communities on PS4 consoles until now. However, the company’s newer PS5 console integrates much of this functionality into its all-in-one PlayStation app.

Sony has not said why they’re removing the service, but it’s possible that their numbers haven’t been high enough to justify the continued investment in the software. The company has also announced that it will be reducing support for its older consoles, with Communities being the latest example of this. Users can continue to chat and communicate through other channels on their consoles and via the PlayStation app.

It’s a waste of money

The PlayStation community is a place where gamers connect and share their experiences. It is a space that many have used for years and is home to memories and friendships that will be lost with Communities’ removal. It’s also a place where gamers find comfort and escape from the real world.

Sony’s decision to remove Communities is disappointing. The company has a history of making bad decisions that affect gamers. The PlayStation Vita’s slow death was one of these decisions. It’s unfortunate that the company is removing Communities without offering a replacement.

Sony announced that it will be removing the Communities feature on PS4 next month. The announcement came via an email sent to users. The company has thanked the community for using the feature and claims that players can still stay connected through other social features on the console. This is likely a move to push gamers toward the PlayStation 5, which has a lot of the same functions.

It’s a waste of space

Playstation has a long history of making decisions that aren’t good for gamers, especially when it comes to pulling the plug on services they no longer support. It’s not fair to leave behind a cozy space people have come to know and love, but it seems even less fair when the company is just doing so to make room for new products.

The community feature was removed from the PlayStation mobile app last year, and it appears Sony is slowly winding down the console’s support for Communities in favor of its PS5. While many players may be happy with this decision, others will feel the loss of a comfortable social space that brought them together over their shared passion.

There is no official word on what will replace Communities, but it’s likely that the PS5 will offer some of the same features. In the meantime, gamers can use other services to stay in touch with fellow users.

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