Promoting Collaboration, Diversity, and Dialogue: Bentley Communities and Initiatives

Bentley Communities

Communities bentley is an amazing community that offers many services to its members. They have a dedicated staff that work around the clock to ensure that all needs of their residents are met. They also have a variety of amenities and events.

SELECTservices Online allows you to easily log software issues and connect directly with Bentley technical support teams. You can also access FAQs and general information articles on Bentley’s website.

First Fridays

First Fridays is a monthly citywide art event that promotes collaboration among arts venues. The event showcases smaller art galleries and encourages community interaction around a shared evening of experiencing art.

The FirstGen Defined Community is designed for students who are the first-generation in their family to attend college. Residents build a social support network, participate in floor programs and connect with campus resources to enhance their Bentley experience. This community celebrates diversity through the annual MLK Breakfast/Luncheon and the MOSAIC Experience.

Mankind Movement

Hassan credits his early experiences with Bentley’s cultural organizations as what drew him to stay. Now in his senior year, he serves on the executive boards of those same organizations to help bridge the gap between upper and underclassmen and shape positive experiences for the students who will follow him.

Bentley aims to expand its regional community investment portfolio even further in 2023 with two new bespoke programmes and a new Payroll Giving & Match Funding scheme for colleagues. This builds on a successful year in 2022 that saw the company donate over PS310,000 to good causes.

Conversation Cafes

Conversation Cafe is a simple open-source method for small group dialogues that focus on issues that matter. The process promotes calm conversations with less debating and arguing and more listening to learn from everyone’s reality and build consensus for effective action.

Learn to organize and facilitate a Conversation Cafe in your community or organization. Presented by Susan Partnow, organizational development and training consultant.

Intergroup Dialogue

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is committed to the principles of intergroup dialogue. This grassroots effort meets one of the major challenges in today’s democracy by forging lines of communication among diverse groups in schools, communities and the workplace.

These conversations offer participants an open and brave space to process difficult and emotion-provoking societal issues. They promote honest self-evaluation and awareness of personal biases that influence views of diversity and difference. They also facilitate conversations that empower action for change.

MOSAIC Experience

Bentley is expanding its community investment programme in 2023 to include two bespoke schemes in Crewe, as well as the addition of new volunteering leave for colleagues. This is all part of the company’s Advancing Life Chances Strategy, launched in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation.

Design and lead culturally relevant social and educational programs including, but not limited to, cultural heritage celebrations, film screenings and conversations. Serve as a peer mentor in our Peer2Peer program. Facilitate Open Call Conversations on current events and hot topics.

Open Call Conversations

The Conversations home screen offers a variety of features, including the ability to add guest participants (if enabled by your Team Manager or Administrator). These may be other agents, customers/prospects/leads, and/or managers.

The Peer2 Peer program pairs first-year students with upper-class mentors to help them navigate academic and social aspects of college life. Students who participate in the program graduate with higher grades and enter student leadership positions more quickly.

Bentley is expanding its community investment efforts in 2023, with a new Advancing Life Chances Strategy and Payroll Giving & Match Funding initiatives for colleagues.

Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast/Luncheon

A morning of good food and music with the community and University. This event honors MLK and raises awareness to live with purpose.

On a day when students usually have classes off, they volunteer together as a team to serve the community. Service projects range from preparing low-income homes for renovation to running a youth basketball clinic.

Capture the attention of the entire Virtual MLK Luncheon audience or pinpoint a group specific to your organization’s specialized interests by becoming an MLK Luncheon sponsor. Click the link for full details and sponsorship options.

Thrive Community

Bentley Communities aims to be a comprehensive source for technical information, support solutions, how-to articles, examples and reference data and industry news. The site also offers forums for questions and discussions with peers.

Bentley is proud to support Thrive Regional Partnership in its work to catalyze responsible and inspired growth in our community. Learn more about the organization and its upcoming initiatives by visiting their website.

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